DigiKnow: “Revenge” Ads, Social TV, Instagram Profiles, Mosaic App

by Amy DesLauriers | Media Strategist on November 16, 2012

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Digiknow: story-within-a-story ads, social TV, Instagram profiles and Mosaic

Story-within-a-Story Ads: Can they break through the clutter?Revenge Ads for Target

Ads during ABC’s “Revenge” feature cast from the show

If you haven’t tuned in to an episode of ABC’s “Revenge” – I highly encourage you to check it out. If you happened to catch this past Sunday’s episode, you received an extra dose of your favorite characters during the commercial breaks. Target and Neiman Marcus co-sponsored the episode and created long-form vignettes to air during commercial breaks – using the cast right from the show. These “story-within-a-story” commercials appeared as if they were a continuation of the episode and at the same time acted as a promotion for the two retail stores. I might be biased as I am a huge Revenge fan, but I watched each of the sponsored commercials in its entirety. (Usually I find myself using the DVR to skip the commercial breaks.)

As it continues to be more difficult for advertisers to capture the attention of an audience, disruptive ideas like these “story-within-a-story” commercials will become even more valuable. What other ideas do you have to break through the clutter?

Find further reading on AdAge.


Social TV Case Study: Moonshiners

Fans tweet desired ingredients to influence the next big brew

We’re all trying to come up with new ways to incorporate social media into traditional advertising. With the growing popularity of Twitter, a current social TV promotion by Discovery Channel caught my eye. Viewers of the show Moonshiners, can tweet desired ingredients and flavors to @Discovery using the #moonshiners hashtag to influence a special brew that will appear in the next season of the series.  The tweets are monitored and the ingredients with the most tags will be used in the special brew.  Viewers are also entered into additional prize drawings as further incentive to engage in the social space.

Moonshiners social TV is a perfect example of a digital campaign extension creating a tangible result for the audience.  All marketing campaigns should attempt to tie social with traditional, in order to create a more customized correspondence with the audience.

Want a sneak-peak of Moonshiners Season 2? Watch below and decide for yourself whether to join in on the fun.


Instagram Launches Profile Pages

User-owned web profiles increase engagement

Does your brand currently have an Instagram strategy? My guess is no, but with the introduction of Profile Pages last week, we may be closer to creating a unique Instagram strategy than we think.  All Instagram users can access their new web profile at www.instagram.com/[username]. Your web profile features your profile photo, a random selection of your recently shared photos, and a bio (if you add one). My profile looks like this after logging in for the first time.

So what’s the big deal? Well, previously Instagram acted more-so as a liaison to engagement.  Individual photos were uploaded and shared with followers and other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. With the introduction of Instagram profiles, brands will be able to interact directly with consumers within the platform without having to shuffle across other social media platforms.

Confusing I know… how many social strategies can a brand have? Check out the Instagram blog for more information and learn how Profile Pages might work for your brand.


New in Apps: Mosaic

Create a PhotoBook from your iPhone. 20 pics, pages, 20 bucks.
As a person who loves photos but does not have a knack for scrap-booking, websites like Shutterfly and Snapfish have been my go-to for creating photo books.  Without them, all of my pictures would be in boxes or in a folder in My Pictures.  And now I have found a solution for what to do with my iPhone photos.  It’s a new app called Mosaic and it creates mini photo books from your iPhone photos.  The platform is super simple and requires little time commitment.  There are only three steps: open the app, choose the photos from your phone you wish to use (you can only choose 20), and order the book! 20 pictures, 20 pages, $20 bucks!  This is the perfect gift for almost anyone – nothing better than fun, candid photos of your kids and family in one small 7-inch book.  Personally, I plan on making one of my cat and that works too!
I encourage you to check out Mosaic for yourself, and make those memories last.


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