Lawrence & Schiller Gets Google Certified

At Lawrence & Schiller, we are committed to making professional development a priority and encourage all employees to find ways to develop their skills and passions. Continuous learning and staying on top of trends is more important than ever in advertising, where change is constant, inevitable and highly necessary. Every day we are learning how […]



1. These inventive illustrations that turn the Starbucks mermaid into various versions of awesome: (Illustrations by Soo Min Kim; spotted on Ad Freak)   2. Organ donation PSAs: (Creative by Duval Guillaume, Belgium; spotted on Ads of the World)   3. A portable, foldable cardboard desk: (Design by Refold; spotted on Design Milk)   4. […]


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As a member of the L&S creative team, one of my favorite job “duties” is looking at cool stuff. It’s like creative-by-osmosis; the more great work you expose yourself to, the more great work you’ll create. So each week, I’ll be sharing five cool things I’ve seen that made me laugh, think or feel inspired. Hope […]





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