2015 ADDY award winners at Lawrence & Schiller

Marketing campaigns and advertising elements created for seven different clients of Lawrence & Schiller have earned ADDY awards from the South Dakota Advertising Federation (SDAF). L&S took home a total of 22 awards during the SDAF’s 49th annual ADDY awards show on February 20, 2015. ADDY winners include: South Dakota Department of Tourism “It’s Your […]



5 Cool Things I Saw This Week

1. @Incredibeard has an incredible beard. Amazing Beard Sculptures, The Independent: 2. Insert movie scene here! Real life situations, movie scene greatness by Les Photos De Francois on Stan Winston School of Character Arts: 3. Go Commando! … but really don’t, please.  Seen on AdWeek, Cottonelle® has a new campaign being kicked off by THE […]



Lawrence & Schiller Celebrates 10 Years of Teams

It’s 2015. And 2015 is a very significant year for a number of reasons. For starters, 2015 is the year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II to prevent his future son from going to jail, his father from being murdered and his hometown from being ruined by the evil Biff […]



Lawrence & Schiller's Dan Edmonds Wins SDAF Creative Legacy Award

It has been said many times that good admen and adwomen possess a little bit of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Part of what makes Dan Edmonds a great adman is that, in his case, the old adage is expanded to having deep knowledge about many topics. You know how it goes. You’re engaging […]



5 Cool Things I Saw This Week

1. A store installation with balls, Nike Savvas Epic 8000 by UAP:   2. What’s your headache about? A wacky website for an Ibuprofen company, Nurofen:   3. Frickin Awesome Face Painting … literally. FAFP visited GoDaddy this week:   4. A bright idea for a billboard using the sun to create a new look […]





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