Lawrence & Schiller uses remote-controlled aerial videography to capture new perspectives during a video shoot for a higher education client.

Advertising images must grab the viewer’s attention. They are the bait which draws them in to interact with the message and brand. For three decades, I’ve used many tools to put the camera in a place where it will capture a unique view not normally seen by the human eye. We’ve accomplished that with dollies, […]



The Arc of My Dreams

This summer at L&S has been full of great experiences and many firsts. Among the many milestones I reached this summer, it was my first press conference that is one that will forever be one of my favorite memories. The best part was what it was for. They call it the Arc of Dreams. The […]



Jack Lee, the Strategist, leads a team training session at Lawrence & Schiller.

I just heard that our good friend Jack Lee passed away over the Labor Day weekend.  And I’m wondering what happens next.  Actually, I’m wondering, “what happens after what happens next,” which was Jack’s favorite phrase – his constant call for our agency to always be anticipating a few steps down the road. Jack Lee […]



Lawrence & Schiller Digital Share Updates to Facebook Algorithm

The social media landscape is constantly changing. As more consumers turn to social media to connect with brands, it is important for businesses to adapt to social media platform updates. Facebook frequently makes updates to the user profile and timeline. Some of their recent updates included adding a large timeline photo and changing how the […]





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