DigiKnow: New Facebook Layout, Social Sharing on Google Drive, 4th Gen iPad and Google’s Big Bucks

by Laura Mitchell | Digital Strategist on November 9, 2012

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DigiKnow: New Facebook Layout, Social Sharing on Google Drive, 4th Gen iPad, Google's Big Bucks

Facebook testing new Timeline page layout

Facebook is testing a new layout for its timelineOver the past few days, there have been reports of Facebook testing a new layout of Timeline.The new single column format shows posts on the left side only, and gives the posts slightly more real estate than they had before. On the right side, you’ll see friends, apps and activity updates, which sometimes also leaves blank space in the right column where you’d normally see posts filling the area.

You’ll also notice that the vertical line that separates the two columns is long gone – making the layout less Timeline-y and more what-it-used-to-be.  Facebook reps affirm that only a small percentage of Facebook users are in the test group.


Google Drive integrates Google+ Sharing

Earlier this spring, Google Docs became Google Drive, which boasts the same document storage and sharing capabilities, but with the “cloud” ability to access anywhere, with any device. They also integrated Google Drive apps to provide even more functionality.

This month, Google Drive released another update which allows users to share its cloud-based files, videos and photos with their Google+ social network. The circle-targeting of Google+ is also available for sharing from Google Drive– making it so easy to show your Book Club circle the photo of your brand new outfit for the Nov. 16 Twilight premiere, right from your Google Drive files!
Google Drive offers social sharing


What?!? A 4th Generation iPad was released last Friday?

Who knew? Apparently I was living under a rock the last few weeks, because I was completely confused when I went to buy my hubby an iPad for his 30th birthday. I asked for the 3rd generation, or “The new iPad,” as it was touted last March. The sales guy informed me that they didn’t have any in stock, but they did have the new one. Um, what new one? I thought we were only on the third? Apparently not.  Apple announced (very quietly) on October 23 that they would be releasing the 4th generation iPad on Nov. 2 with a more revved up processor.

I happened to be right on time with last Friday’s purchase, but some were not so lucky. Many 3rd generation customers were quite upset when they had recently purchased the latest and greatest, only to find out it was being trumped so shortly after the 3rd gen release. Even when I went to Apple’s website after my new purchase, it did not have very clear information on this new 4th generation iPad. All recent promotion by Apple has been focused on the iPad mini – the new smaller tablet that is estimated to account for 65-85% of the 3 million in first weekend sales of the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation.

How Google Makes $100 Million Per Day

How did Google become the giant it is today? AdWords plays quite a big part. A couple of weeks ago, Google announced their Q3 earnings – $10.8 billion in advertising. The WordStream Blog broke it down for us in the infographic below. In the AdWords world, cost-per-click (CPC) is down, and lucky for advertisers, clicks and impressions are up!

See the full infographic here.


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