DigiKnow: Facebook Targeting Advances, Google shuts down TV Ads, Online Video Advertising & Twitter Adds Interest Category Focus

by Laura Mitchell | Digital Strategist on September 7, 2012

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DigiKnow: Facebook Targeting Advances, Google shuts down TV Ads, Online Video Advertising & Twitter Adds Interest Category Focus

Hold on to your hats, kids. We’re going to cover all the digital staples in this week’s DigiKnow: Facebook, Twitter, Google and Online Video. What more could you want on a Friday morning?

1.  Facebook Launches Targeting by Email, Phone Number & User ID for Marketers

Earlier this week, Facebook launched custom audience targeting for its Power Editor users with managed accounts. This new feature will let marketers promote their ads to specific audiences who are identified by their email address, phone number or user ID. So, for example, if you have a list of your customers’ email addresses, and want to encourage them to buy again, you can target a message to just those customers on Facebook.

The User ID targeting is great as well. Imagine you’ve developed a Facebook game and you’re just about to release the next evolution of it. You can target your messages to those who have already played your first game – an audience much more likely to respond to your message than a more general one. Read all about it on Inside Facebook.

2.  Google: TV Ads no more

About five years ago, Google decided to get into the TV ad selling game, adopting a model similar to their successful search ad platform. Now, they’re ducking out. Issuing a statement last Thursday, Google execs announced they would be closing the TV Ads product over the next few months and amping up their focus on video advertising.

Google’s TV Ads are not to be confused with Google TV, its DVR-like Smart TV that allows users to access both TV content and web content over Google’s Android operating system. The shift out of Google TV Ads will also result in a move toward more attention for their Google TV product as well.

3.  Online Video Advertising: Primetime is Best for Video Ads

Speaking of video advertising, let’s do a little review of online video vs. television. Even with the growth in popularity of platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu, consumers are still spending only a fraction of their time with online video compared to their time with traditional TV. Nielsen’s March 2012 study found that US media users average almost 5 hours of TV in that month, compared to only 10 minutes of online and mobile video. Moreover, only 1.5% of their online video time is spent watching ads, compared to 7.9% of time on television ads.

But there’s gotta be a sweet spot, right? Yep, things are looking good. A VideoHub study found that primetime is the best time to get consumers to watch your video ad in its entirety. Although the 11am-6pm timeframe garners more consumption, users were not as likely to watch the ads. Like they say, timing is everything!

4.  Twitter Offers Interest Targeting, Reduces Minimum Bid to 1 Cent

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts are old news for advertisers, but just this week Twitter increased its targeting ability for these paid products. Brands now have the capability to pinpoint users by specific interest category, choosing from over 350 interests. And how do they know tweeps’ interests, you ask? They’ve developed an algorithm to review users’ public tweets and categorize interests from there. Kinda creepy, huh? Just because my fellow digital strategist is obsessed with cat videos, it doesn’t mean she likes cats… Okay maybe it’s not that bad. Twitter has already been using this technology to find similar users in their Promoted Tweets & Promoted Accounts, but now they’re letting advertisers choose directly.

With this release, Twitter also lowered their minimum bid from 50 cents to one cent, bringing their pricing model more in line with other online platforms. Check out Search Engine Watch’s Twitter Advertising Guide for more information on Twitter’s advertising opportunities.


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