DigiKnow: Skipping YouTube Ads, Digital Textbooks, Boomers Ramp Up Spending & Instagram Grows

by Kate Olson | Digital Strategist on August 24, 2012

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1. Viewers Can Now Skip YouTube Ads on Mobile Devices.

You now have only 5 seconds to make an impression with users.

YouTube is now offering its viewers the opportunity to skip a video ad they don’t want to view on their mobile device. This option is already a feature on desktop YouTube ad campaigns. Advertisers won’t pay for the impression if the user skips the ad within the first five seconds. For an advertiser, that means you now have five seconds to engage mobile users before they stop viewing your ad. In July, YouTube delivered 11.5 billion ads, up from 11.3 billion in April according to comScore, however, the number of ads viewed in July was 9.6 billion, showing more ads are delivered than fully viewed by consumers.

Campaigns delivered through multiple channels helps to increase brand recall with consumers, and as consumers spend more time on their mobile devices, advertising campaigns need to be where consumers eyes are focused. A study by Nielsen found that when consumers were exposed to TV ads only, their brand recall was 50%, while if a consumer was exposed to the ads over TV, PC, smarthphone and tablets the brand recall rose to 74%.

2. Going Back to School, Without Textbooks.

A school in California requires students to rent iPad 2 for digital textbooks.

The shift to digital is not only happening at home and work; it is now occurring in schools. More schools are implementing or at least discussing embracing digital textbooks and online learning. As a form of cutbacks, schools in California require students to upload project assignments and print off handouts on online learning portals, due to printing restrictions. What would a digital shift in the classroom mean for marketers? In the near future, sponsorships for tablet rentals, textbook advertising and more may become opportunities for marketers to target the sought after teenage generation.

 3. Boomers Will Account for 70% of Consumer Spending.

And marketers aren’t actively advertising to them.

Historically, the advertising sweet spot is consumers between 18-49 years of age, and historically, this age group has accounted for the largest percentage of the population. However, as the boomer generation is aging, the 50 plus age group will grow 12% between now and 2030, and is ready to spend their disposable income.

This generation is not only spending through traditional avenues, but a third of boomers are shopping online and spending over $7 billion there. Over the next few years, marketers will need to transition from the old way of thinking that focused primarily on 18-49 year olds, and start shifting to reinforcing brand loyalty for those 50 plus consumers. Brands will also need to offer new ways for these consumers to engage with established brands.

4. Instagram has 80 million users.

Is your brand actively engaging with them?

Brands have been slow to adapt to engaging with customers on Instagram. However, Instrgram is becoming one of the primary photo sharing platforms and adopted the social sharing features of hashtags and location tagging. Instagram users have been diligent on tagging what is in their photos, and brands should use that data to determine if their customers are ready to engage with them.

Once your company has an Instagram account set up, there are many ways you can engage with your customers. One of the best ways is to take photo sharing across-platforms by posting from Instagram to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Another way to engage customers is through contests. Companies like Tiffany’s are running photo competitions to increase fan engagement.

To see if your company is already being shared on Instagram, use Web.stagram to search for your company’s hashtag usage.


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