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DigiKnow: Facebook Log-Out Ads, Digital Magazine Circulation, Media Spending & Adobe Social Tool

by Laura Mitchell | Digital Strategist on March 30, 2012

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1. Facebook Sets High Asking Price for Log-Out Ads

In addition to being the most widely used social network in the world, Facebook is now one of the most expensive websites on which to display an advertisement. Facebook is selling new “log-out” advertisements, up for grabs for over $700,000 per day.

As you might guess, these log-out ads appear on the screen after users log out of Facebook. However, they’re not currently available as a stand-alone purchase. Instead, they’re packaged with premium homepage ads that Facebook users see in their news feeds. The new log-out ads mark a departure from Facebook’s former approach to advertising which included small display advertisements that appeared in the right-hand column of user’s screens.

On March 1st, Bing was the first marketer to use the new log-out screen, with Ford and, my fav – the Titanic movie trailer – following shortly after. Advertisers interested in purchasing log-out ads are encouraged to get in the mindset of consumers as to not interrupt them when “getting into an experience”.

2. Magazine’s Digital Circulation More than Doubles – But Still Remains Small

A new study released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations shows that magazines have more than doubled in their paid digital circulation, but are still outperformed by the printed publication. Digital circulation growth of 125% from the second half of 2011 to the second half of 2012 shows promise with this segment. However, the digital versions still only account for 1% of a magazine’s total paid circulation, keeping that royalty status with their printed counterparts. Phew, glad my coffee tables won’t go naked anytime soon!

What’s more interesting is that, of all digital circulation, only about 25% are individual paid subscriptions. The other three-quarters are business subscriptions.

3. Q1 Ad Spending Numbers – TV is King

Social media may be the Prince of marketing, but television still reigns supreme. All across the country, advertisers of all kinds may be shifting their dollars from print, radio and other online platforms to social media, but television placements are still seeing the big bucks in the first quarter of 2012.

Magna Global estimated print ad spending is down 5.6% and radio is down 0.3%. While those numbers are decreasing, outdoor ad spending has increased 5% and television spending is up 4.5%. Year-long projects predict a 6.8% increase in television advertising for 2012. The increase in television ad spending for 2012 could be partly attributed to the presidential election and the Olympics, but overall, marketer seem to be feeling confident about putting their advertising dollars to television.

4. Adobe Social Ties Social Media Engagement with ROI Numbers

Adobe has launched a new social media metrics system called Adobe Social to tie online social media engagement with ROI numbers. Google has launched a somewhat similar service, but according to a recent article, their platform does not include data from Facebook or Twitter.

These new services allow marketers to analyze their marketing spend through social media platforms and see the value of online likes, repins, retweets and +1s. Sometimes referred to as “vanity metrics,” the worth of these likes, retweets, repins and +1s are considered invaluable in terms of brand and company recognition and promotion.

The Adobe Social tool offers data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ which allows marketers to track activity on these platforms, and ultimately see the types of users landing on their website.

Social Reports, Google’s version of the tool, differs from Adobe Social in that theirs is free, but Facebook and Twitter do not provide data. Though considered subjective, Google allows users to place a monetary value on interactions that have occurred on your site.

Whether or not this will be beneficial to advertisers is yet to be determined. While both Google and Adobe’s metric tools might give users more insight into the value of social media marketing, it’s still difficult to generate concrete ROI numbers using these platforms.




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