Digi Know – Pinterest, Domains Names, Super Bowl Ads & New Gadgets

by Laura Mitchell | Digital Strategist on January 13, 2012

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Week two of DigiKnow has arrived! Here’s a smattering of some digi goods for your Friday enjoyment. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back next Friday.

1. Pinterest is on the fast track. It’s growing at the rate of Facebook in 2006.

In just the last six months, Pinterest’s web traffic is up forty-fold! The online corkboard where users “pin” their favorite photos, recipes, designs – basically their favorite everything – received nearly 11 million visitors during the week ending December 17. According to a Pinterest exec, the site is growing at the rate of Facebook back in 2006.

But that Pinterest site…it’s just for the ladies, right? Not so fast, guys. Although women do tend to hit up this site more than their counterparts,  58% of visitors in the last quarter of 2011 were women leaving 42% of the traffic to men.

What ways can you extend your brand or encourage sharing on this fast-growing site? If you’re thinking that’s a great question, don’t worry. Get started with 13 Tips and Tricks for Pinterest and 5 Ways for Brands to Engage on Pinterest from the peeps at Mashable.

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2. ICANN is now accepting applications for generic top-level domains, as of yesterday. Outta my way, .com’s…I’m going after .laura for sure!

This week, January 12th to be exact, marked the opening of the market on generic top-level domains. For years, we’ve been limited by the oh-so-simple .com’s, .org’s, .info’s and .net’s of the virtual world. Now, we can embrace the possibilities of endless website URL combinations.

But your very own URL extension comes with a hefty pricetag. Experts estimate that it will cost a minimum of $500K to get your very own gTLD. I won’t hold my breath for .laura just yet. My birthday IS just nine short months away though…

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3. Epic ads over short jokes…bring on the drama and emotion! 45- and 60-second spots are making a comeback in this year’s Super Bowl, with TV ads that focus more on storytelling than slapstick.

Tug at my heart strings? A cliff hanger ending? Yes, please! This year’s sold-out Super Bowl is seeing more advertisers going for the longer “epic” ads over 30-second comedy. Remember the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial from last year’s Super Bowl? Yep, 60 seconds.

I like to think of the Super Bowl as the NYC Fashion Week of the ad world. If this February football game is any indication of what’s up next for primetime TV commercial breaks, I just might have to give my DVR fast-forward button a little bit of a breather.

Why the shift lately? Some say the return to storytelling is a result of trying to reach consumers in a more and more fragmented marketplace. The means by which a brand can truly connect with consumers lends perfectly to an endearing character or a relatable story.

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4. The Consumer Electronics Show is going on NOW in Las Vegas: Is Microsoft making a comeback? What’s an Ultrabook?

Every January, the exclusive Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas. No, it’s not just for the techie geeks of the world. Our guy Justin Bieber managed to make an appearance to promote a new robot dubbed “mRobo,” which comes complete with its own sound system and dance moves.

The buzz has just begun with the launch of the ultrabook, a sleek, small and high-powered notebook, aimed at going after the market share of Apple’s MacBook Air. As always, newer, faster and more souped up smartphones were introduced, headlined by the entrance of Motorola to the smartphone arena. Plus, Microsoft debuted its brand new Windows 8 platform. Follow the action on Twitter at #CES or on the CES page on CNET.com.

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