Is Digital Going “Pedal to the Metal” in Healthcare?

by on September 20, 2011

in Healthcare, L&S

Healthcare Pedal to the Metal

As consumers increasingly find themselves connected to the world by the Internet, marketers need to stop and think about what this means for their upcoming campaigns. Well, at least we have put on our thinking caps.

As our own office is primarily controlled by smartphones, keeping us connected 100% of the time to the digital world, and as devices like tablets start to eat away at traditional mediums like newspapers and magazines, where should turn to cut through the clutter?

Acsys Interactive conducted a study to better understand the changing landscape for healthcare marketers. Respondents from around the country took this survey and one of the most impactful and game-changing insights that came out of the study is that digital is gaining ground on the traditional marketing mix – print, direct mail, radio, etc.

A majority of participants expect digital to move away from its current supplementary role in their campaigns and play a more prominent role.

• 36.6% of respondents said that by 2013 the balance between traditional and digital will completely shift to digital elements making up the majority of their marketing efforts and…
• 49.5% said that the two will be used equally.

The power of digital is growing because consumers are bombarded by so many messages everywhere they turn, and as a constantly evolving medium, digital has the power to upset the marketing norm. Videos, games and apps are just the beginning. Digital allows marketers to intertwine all messaging mediums used in a single campaign and create a multimedia platform capable of interacting with the consumer.

In healthcare, we see this trend growing and according to this survey, the inflection point of importance between traditional and digital campaign elements, according to over a third of respondents, seems to take effect by 2013.

Where do you see digital going in the future? Is it set to eclipse traditional elements such as print, direct mail and radio or will it be another element, equally as important, but not the lead component?


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