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by on November 1, 2010

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QR Code

A new trend popping up – literally popping up - in the marketing world is the use of Quick Response (QR) Codes. You may recognize them as digital barcodes or, for those less tech savvy people such as myself, an intense mess of little black and white designs. All you need to use a QR Code is a mobile device and easy-to-download software. Then, take a picture of the code which will direct you to a site, video, or facebook page similar to a hyperlink. 

According to the Mobile Barcode Trend Report by ScanLife, the use of scanning has increased 700 percent since the beginning of 2010 and with smartphones still on the rise, the use of these QR Codes is predicted to grow.  However, factors such as people’s unwillingness to take the extra steps needed to view the information and people lacking the technology to do so may slow the adoption of QR Codes.

Dan Smigrod, GREAT! CEO, explores many of the fun, new uses and benefits of QR Codes. One benefit is added support for your social media initiatives. People click on the QR Code and are instantly sent a friend request or to your website. QR Codes can also give your organization additional advertising space. Including a QR Code which links the viewer to additional commercials, information, sites, etc can maximize your advertising dollars. Placing QR Codes can also contribute to word of mouth “buzz” as people will talk about the QR Code and your brand.

We can’t underestimate the power of QR Codes, if used correctly. To do so you must take into account your product/service and your audience. Take the above example, this creates convenience for the shopper as well as the added level of comfort by allowing them to shop at their own leisure.  If a shopper saw an item in the window that they liked, but didn’t have time to go in, they could scan the QR code and view the product in the online store. Different applications of QR Codes can create different value to your customers, find out what they want and give it to them in a new way.

See all 101 of Dan Smigrod’s uses for QR Codes and then decide how QR Codes can help you connect with your customers.


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