Understanding Women: An age old question.

by on June 16, 2011

in Healthcare, Message Delivery, Research

For years men have joked about the female psyche and its infinite mystery – but being a woman myself I often am at a loss for what women want, especially when it comes to marketing.

Women account for 80% of healthcare decisions and 85% of all consumer purchases, a.k.a. women are in control of the purse strings.

So how do advertisers tap into this lucrative market? Even if there isn’t a cut and dry answer to that question, I do know women can no longer be put in a box. Today, we are continually establishing ourselves in the workplace and exploring more diverse lifestyles, as a result, women don’t want/can’t be labeled. They believe the many facets that make up their lives make them unique and therefore many don’t relate well with overgeneralized ads.

Sarah Haskins created a mocking, yet insightful video to show how yogurt manufacturers have used generic marketing to reach women. Although brands in the past have gotten away with this approach, the marketplace has become oversaturated with messaging to women, thus making the prospect of reaching each woman with a single message less effective.

Right or wrong, recent in-house research conducted by Lawrence & Schiller is proving that when messaging to women, marketers need to go deep. It is all about what women think and feel, rather than their demographics. For example, when talking to women about healthcare, are they truly looking for “better health” or are they really seeking the ability to live the lifestyle they had before an illness or injury, or are they looking for comfort and guidance when going through life’s milestones such as becoming a parent for the first time?

 When creating a campaign, especially one centered on a woman’s lifestyle and health, you must discover what connects them to the brand, what they ultimately want or need, and how the product or service can help achieve that.


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